How to make a fake id in detail Basic tutorial

How to make a fake id in detail Basic tutorial Scannable fake id

Want to make a professional-looking fake ID but you are scared of getting caught in this illegal act? Well then don’t worry as this guide is all set for you and will decrease all your fear related to its making process.

Getting a fake ID that looks convincing is quite a tough job sometimes; therefore, people search for various stores online and offline which can help them to do so. In addition to this making, it is also a very difficult task as well as dangerous too because nobody wants to get caught in any rule-breaking act. The penalty of making a fake IDcan cost you a lot and can even send you to jail. Thus one must be cautioned while making a fake ID for them. Tension not we will help you to make a very professional and real appearing fake ID card.

Therefore in this article, you are going to know how to make a fake step by step. Just follow all the below-mentioned step and you will never get caught in any bars, pubs, or other drinking sites. Let us begin with step number 1!

How to Make Fake ID Custom Turoal


First and foremost you have to gather all your supplies which are essential in making of professional Fake ID cards. Choose the right material in making of the card which can help you in the long run. The basic list of materials required by you includes-

  • Magnetic stripe editor and barcode editor

  • Laminating machine
  • Teslin 

Finding your Fake Id template

Search about the templates by the province and state names as this will eliminate your extra searching efforts. Furthermore, it will help you in serving the purpose of making the real looking ID card as much as possible.  

Download- editing programs

This step is important for the purpose of editing your templates which holds much impact in your card making. Editing programs like Adobe Photoshop are very much beneficial in this editing process. You can also download any free program such as GIMP as well. This will help you to edit the templates in no time.

Editing- hair color and eye colors fields

The standard 3 letters lists for the eye color editing as well as for the hair color editing is mentioned below which are generally used in the US-

For the hair colors-

  • + SDY – Sandy
  • + GRY – Gray
  • + RED – Red
  • + WHI – White
  • + BAL – Bald
  • + BRO – Brown
  • + BLN – Blonde
  • + BLK – Black
  • For eye colors-
  • + BLK – Black
  • + GRY – Gray
  • + GR – Green
  • + MAR – Maroon (usually used for albinism)
  • + MUL – Multicolor
  • + PNK – Pink
  • + BRO – Brown
  • + BLU – Blue
  • + HZL – Hazel

Adding endorsement codes and restrictions

List of famous codes are mentioned below where the Restriction B is much common and others are not much frequently used-

Restriction codes are-

  • + G – Daylight only
  • + S – To and from school
  • + C – Mechanical aids
  • + D – Business only
  • + H – Employer’s vehicle only
  • + T – To and from medical
  • + J – Prosthetic aid
  • + Q – No passengers
  • + R – Motorcycles 500 cc and under
  • + A – No restriction
  • + 2 – Personal vehicles only
  • + B – Corrective lenses
  • + U – All motorcycles except Class X
  • Other endorsement codes are-
  • + P – Passenger vehicles.
  • + M – Motorcycle endorsement
  • + Y – Farm endorsement (Class A)
  • + T – Double/triple trailers allowed


People generally notice the photos in thefake IDcard; And your ID color and signature. 


Thus follow the below-stated guidelines in order to avoid any fault-

  • Try to take your picture in neutral lighting background with the frame focused on your face only
  • eliminate shoulder part

  • Pay special attention to the shadow behind the ears

  • Later than scanning the picture by computers, you should separate the face from the background in the particular picture with the help of any editing tool
  • After that select the background which does not include the face, and delete it
  • Magnify the image, clean around the face
  • Zoom out, copy and paste it to the template of the card
  • Further, choose any background according to your wish



Usually everyone will test whether your ID is scanned first. We suggest you use PDF417.

Magnetic strip

Magnetic strip is encoded with encoder. Your license must have a Magnetic strip thus add on it if you wish to stay sustainable. On the other hand, it is much costly and hard to find in the market. But you may obtain it online with a discounted price.

Tip- encode these stripe it with only after finishing the card.

Purchase synthetic paper

There are variant types of synthetic paper but mainly it is of two types where artisyn and Teslin and that are silica filled, single-layered polyolefin printing substrate by nature. 


You will need a printer- Pigmentated based inkjet printer. You can use the Epson printer with the DuraBrite ink. It will offer the optimum results and it really works better with the Teslin paper, although it is not a laser printer.

I don't recommend using a laser printer, which changes the color of the image

Printing of the Fake ID card

In this step you have to just print the collected information in the sheet of paper used- also, in both the sides back as well front.

Cutting of the Fake ID card

In case if you are utilizing the micro-perforated artisyn then this step is not for you! Or else, one can start cutting the sheet in the shape of an ID card. Trace the size of the card with the butterfly pouch.

In addition to this, X-acto knife or paper cutter can also be used in this process.

Lamination location

In this process, you should definitely use the thermal laminating process. This will eventually bond the butterfly pouches used to synthetic paper. This way the fake ID card will look a lot like a PVC card. A thermal pouch laminator is a heated pouch lamination process.It will be a painful wait. You need to wait at least 20 minutes

How to Laminate fake ID card

Now you have to put the insert into a butterfly pouch that you have. Place it into a carrier. Now further run the carrier via the laminator.Tip- place the card in a place where it can get sufficient pressure to settle the lamination correctly, a telephone directory is a perfect bill.

Put the hologram

A hologram is the most dominating thing when it comes to making a fake Id look like an original one. Any person can easily identify if an ID is fake if it does not has any hologram in it. Moreover, a hologram also creates an illusion that the ID is surely a really.Therefore, if you are really serious about making the fake ID looks like an original one, then consider adding a hologram in it.There are two types of holograms which are generally used in the IDs. These are a protecting shield as well as the key hologram. They are usually transparent and resemble the colors of a rainbow when looked at from a certain angle. This means that the hologram will look silver in color when looked directly but will possess a rainbow spectrum when gazed upon through the sites of the fake ID card. Usually, these kinds of heliograms are very hard to replicate but there is a method which is known as the pearl ex method which can help you to achieve perfection in your fake ID with a rainbow spectrum hologram.

Add the final touches

It is highly suggested that you rub the edges of your fake ID with the help of sandpaper. This will ensure that the fake ID does not look like if it’s made from a synthetic paper. Therefore if you want to give your fake ID a more original look then make sure you rub not only the corners but the faces as well.


These were the simple steps to make you’re a professional ID card with perfection. Thus what are you waiting for? Just make your fake ID card today with the above mentioned tips and steps and enjoy your boozing sessions with your friends and family freely.

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