In the recent months there has been an increase in the popularity of fake I.D., due to the media attention of sites on the Internet showing false identification cards. Unfortunately the media attention is because of sites that are just flat out scams. These scam sites will either send you nothing or some piece of paper card they call a fake id. More and more of these scam sites pop up every day. An old, but effective trick for these scheming webmasters is to offer very high quality samples to be viewed on the site. This trickery is accomplished by stealing the pictures off legitimate sites like theidshop or by just scanning picture out of the Drivers Licence Guide. This guide is a detailed book of all the current drivers licences for Canada, United States, and Europe. This book can be obtained only by legitimate business and law enforcement. The guide is widely available on the Internet, in scanned page format. In the book each state or province has a page dedicated to it with a picture and all of the security features outlined.

Can’t trust the Internet you say? Well then what better to do than find a credible site that can put your fears to bed once and for all. You could always try to make your false identification on your own or leave it up to the pro’s. This article will help you identify what is needed to get the most for your money.


When referring to fake ID, one could be talking about numerous documents such as false or novelty identification, passports, drivers licenses to name a few. We will be concentrating on Provincial/State ID’s and Drivers Licenses in this article. However the techniques can be used to forge just about any documents of interest. Years ago a drivers license was usually security paper that was laminated and maybe a hologram (Those were the days). Now due to the advances in technology and the reduction of price that come with that, new measures had to be taken to deter forgery.

Almost all the id’s these days are now made out of Polyvinyl Chloride or Teslin. If you have ever seen a credit card this is what PVC is. These new PVC cards can only be printed on using very expensive printers like Fargo or Electron. This is meant to make it hard for counterfeiters, but like anything else there are ways around this with out spending 5-10 grand on a printer.


The very best program for making fake id’s is any strong photo editing software made by adobe. The novelty ids you will find on the net are usually printed from psd formats. These id cards vary in quality, but there are good ones out there. However the only way to insure quality is to find a quality supplier like theidshop. Making a false identification from novelty, fake, drivers license is not easy and takes a decent amount of experience.

To make an id card you can either edit it from there, or, to make a higher quality one what you need to do is do it by hand measuring every line and doing the artwork yourself. This method is not for the absolute beginner but like we said you need a lot of time. Once the id is complete with your info on it then it can be printed or created.


There are only a few methods used to create the holograms that are implemented on Fake ID’s. Depending on the color of the hologram and its properties different prisms must be used and are not cheap at all. The purpose of holograms is to prevent forgers to duplicate the security features on passports and drivers licenses. They have done a great job in preventing this all since the price to create one custom hologram is near ten thousand dollars for an initial run. There are various types of holograms and security features used to prevent false identification abuse of types, these can range from holograms to UV inks that only appear when exposed to black lights. Most people fall short when it comes to security features due to the expensive prices needed to enter this area.

You have to buy a Transparent Base made for paints to prepare the UV Inks this is yet again another price expense needed. A good one is you mix in a 1:50 ratio. If you are using other types of inks and waters then you use a 5:1 ratio. 5 parts paint 1 part base. When applying the paint in the white paper, you should use if possible one of those brushes made for screen printing. It is like a pencil but with a flexible tip. A sponge can be used but extra care needs to be taken when applying. You want to apply a very thin amount on fake id cards and practice will be needed to get it right. On a lot of the new ID’s there is a multicolored hologram that reflects the full spectrum (like a rainbow). This is especially true of most of the id cards. What you do is pick the two most dominant colors and hope the ratio will work out. As you can assume this area is where most people fail and move to finding a supplier like theidshop that has the experience to lay these things out in a quick and easily false id card.


After your id is printed out on what ever material, it needs to be laminated. Like everything else the type of lamination varies depending on the material you are laminating. For normal paper or photo paper, you can get pouches in different thicknesses or mils. You can get ones that are glossy or that are matte. To laminate you need butterfly pouches for laminating pouches also come in different varieties. Lamination can be found at any office store if you want. You must be careful to make sure you do not leave it on to long since it can catch things on fire due to the extreme heat.


Depending on the Fake ID you’re trying to make you will need to select the right material to print on. If it is a laminated ID then photo paper will be decent. If you are making a PVC ID, then you would use a product called thermal plastic core. This material is fairly new and is an excellent, cost is very high though. This material can be printed by label dye sublimation. There is a difference false identification and fake id. Printing on it with an normal printer does not work well since the plastic will break your machine. The ink is coated with chemicals to absorb the ink effectively. Once printed on and laminated, it becomes almost clear in compound.


Making an id takes practice and you will need to invest a great deal of time and money to go through quite a few mistakes. People assume that this is a simple and quick thing to do, it is once you have created and invested the funds needed as the id shop has but for someone new it will be best to do your homework. You will just get ignored because it can’t be explained in a few sentences. If you want to create your own fake id along with credible novelty id cards in your spare time contact us and we might be able to help you out or sell our supplies.

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