Best State For Fake ID

Best State For Fake ID fake id

If you live in the US, youknow that buying a fake IDhas become a crucial rite of passage. This is the only way for US teenagers to get things done. It’s their Golden Ticket to festivals, concerts, alcohol, restaurants, and all the fun. You haven’t lived life if you’ve never tested the boundaries and pushed against restrictions for some healthy fun and adventure. If you don’t know where to begin, keep readingBest State for Fake ID!

What is a Fake ID?

Also known as Novelty ID, it is a dubious identification document which is not legally issued by the concerned State Authority. Learm More AboutWhat is a Fake ID?

Altered ID

This is basically modifying an existing identification document.

Information such as theage, name, address, etc. are tampered or alteredwith a bogus one. This was the common practice in the 50s and the late 90s.

The term Doppelganger got its roots from altered fake IDs. People would use documents of their lookalikes, relatives and friends and replace it with their personal information.

Novelty ID

In this age, you can’t get through security or screening with a tampered or altered license. Global identification organizations are now providing identity cards withhi-tech securityenhancements and computerized programming.

These are features you can’t replicate in an ID card. Tampering or Doppelganger methods have been replaced by fake ID or novelty ID. With anovelty ID, you get the exact same copyof the identification card or the Driver’s license.

Business can refer to a particular organization or to an entire market sector, e.g. “the music business”. Compound forms such as agribusiness represent subsets of the word’s broader meaning, which encompasses all activity by suppliers of goods and services. The goal is for sales to be more than expenditures resulting in a profit or gain or surplus.

Differ from country to country.

Thanks to the booming counterfeit industry, you can’t tell the difference between a real ID card and a novelty ID.In the US, Transportation Authority (DMV)in each State authority to issue identity cards and driving licenses besides motorcycle and commercial licenses to its citizens.

This means the graphical features and design differs in each state license. Look at HowDifferent States Issue Different Licenses

Best state for Fake ID?

You may getmany questions in your mind before buying a fake ID,but among many, one question that is the most important is that you should think is

What are themost common stateson fake IDs?

The short answer to this question is that the most commonly faked states are the ones 

  • Least secure licenses
  • Teslin Or Polycarbonate
  • Desire to catch them at least as far as bouncers are concerned using a loupe and an UV light
  • High passing rate– Scanning

Which States areLeast secure License?

REAL ID compliant identification is marked using a golden star, which makes it easy for national workers to distinguish between both compliant and non-compliant ID cards and permits. However, there are a few states that have issued IDs with no star(resource).

For example, below are 2different statefor your reference:
Real ID Compliant Id with a gold star
fake id pennsylvania.jpg
Non-compliant ID Cards without a star

It is necessary to note that not using a REAL ID will not affect your ability to drive, voteor purchase items that require identification. You only need a REAL ID in case you plan to board a commercial flight, then enter a power plant, then access national facilities, or visit military bases.

fake id rhode island.jpg
Rhode Island Driver License

States are Teslin ID or PET/PVC or Polycarbonate cards?

PET/PVC Composite?

The second option is known as Polyethylene Teraphthalate or PET. This material is often found in a composite card structured with layers of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) bonded together with strong adhesives and pressure. After test runs,  it was discovered that these cards can last for up to 8 years.


Polycarbonate is a strong thermoplastic that can be uses for bullet-proof glass and indestructible eyeglasses. When it comes to card manufacturing, 100% polycarbonate sheets are layered to create the strongest, most durable substrate seen today in North American driver’s license and ID cards.


Teslin is a synthetic paper material that is bendable, highly printable, water-resistant and tear resistant. In fact, due to its flexible surface, it is used in the ID badge industry to receive both dye-based ink jet printing and other options for offset and laser printing.

More States and Feature ClickHere

AlabamaTeslinPearlex tri color holograms
ArizonaPVC (Old) Teslin (New)Tri color Optically Variable Device consisting of the state outline the state name "Arizona " the state seal a saguaro cactus and a star
CaliforniaTeslin (Old) Teslin:Polycarb (New)



U.S. flag "CT DMV" "Conniticut" and "DMV" repeated
DelawareTeslinPatterned overlay with horse and rider state and seal
FloridaTeslin:PolycarbOverlay with state and state seal
IowaTeslinIowa appears twice Capital dome appears once
KansasTeslinCircle multi color pearlex holo next to photo



MVA repeats diagonally
MassachusettsTeslin2D Kinegram overlapping photo of "Massachusetts" and state that changes color as tiled
MinnesotaTeslinVirtual image of loon moves as license is tilted



Repeating holographic pattern of state seal and "DPS"
North Carolina



Overlay with Wright Brothers Flyer in the middle with DOT logo on either side and NCDMV along bottom



Overlay with "Department of Public Safety" sideways at left state outline at upper right photo corner state flag and capitol building near center "Ohio" at right state outline and bird at top left of ghost image concentric ovals around and state seal below ghost image tire tread curved along top and bottom right



Black and white hologram of "PA" inside keystone
Rhode Island



OVD embedded pattern of "RIDMV" and state seal in overlay
South CarolinaTeslinOverlay with state seals palmetto trees and SCDMV logo
TexasTeslinState seal at photo right and three stars in data area in optical variable ink that changes color

Desire to catch them at least as far as bouncers are concerned

Know the ID card Features of Your State

Every State in the United States contains a set of unique security features for the driver’s license and ID cards. The most common features include:

  • Holograms VS Ovi
  • Watermarks
  • Exclusive font sizes or colors
  • Specially printed pictures/images
What’s the difference between hologram and OVI

OVIColor shifting inkis an anti-counterfeiting measure applied to overlays or laminates.

Laminates– Individual ID’s cut from Large Sheets with ovi (color shifting ink) laminated to large sheets of teslin paper, For example:

Hologram– Simple words it works like a sticker.

Ovi Laminate Example(AZ New)
Overlays with multi hologram(OH Old)

Overlays“stickers”that are set over top a PVC or Teslin ID, ordinarily have either an ovi picture ormultispec hologramson the overlay. Overlays are slightly littler than the real card. Read here for more aboutComplete steps to make a professional Fake IDin detail.

Check in the UV Light or Tilt the ID card

Most of these real ID cards and licenses come with security features that can be seen under UV (Ultraviolet) light.  

UV Light of VERMONT Fake ID

Also, just by tilting the card at an angle can help you see the security features.  For instance, on the driver’s license of the Texas State, you can see tree stars and the State seal on the front of the ID card.

 Feel the surface of the ID: Just by running your finger on the card can also help you identify the fake ID card. If you feel any corner of the card seems to be bumpy or thick, then it is apparent that it is a fake ID card. Also, if the corners of the ID card feel rough or peeling, then it is considered a fake ID card.

But, for these kinds of questions, you may not get a quick and straight forward answer. It is because there are several factors to consider before you want to know which ID will be the best to use.

Here you can find appropriate factors and elements that you can analyze and make a decision before selecting the best fake ID state for your needs.

Why do you need The Fake ID?

The individuals who are above 21-years old are the legal drinking age in the United States, and that is the reason that many young people try to get Fake IDs to purchase alcoholic beverages.  

Underaged people also use their fake ID for other reasons that include:

  • Underage Drinking
  • Social media online verificaiton
  • Gain entrance to bars, clubs, etc 

Gain Entrance

Take a look at a screenshot below from forum:

Underage Drinking

If you’re sweating over the thought of getting a fake ID, don’t worry. It’s widely used all over the world.

Under-age drinking is one of the most common reasonswhy people buy fake IDs. Here are some other reasons why counterfeit identification documents are in demand:

This is a billion-dollar industry and leading economies of the world like Europe, China, and the US bear massive financial losses as a result of this industry. The worst sufferers are the alcohol and wine industry.

The minimum age restriction for drinking alcoholic beverages in US is 21 years. It is reported that over 65% of teenagers in America use fake IDs to get access to beer or binge drinks. It’s a common practice in beer pubs and bars. If a business is caught serving alcoholic drinks to minors, it will lose its license.

Online Verification

Social media giants like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram has been facing a rough ride from the past couple of years.  Since then several things got changed, and popular Lawmakers, celebrities and other famous people are becoming the victims of Fake Accounts or Fake News.  

Using Fake IDs other individuals spreading false information using their names, which why the latest security rule was introduced by the Government to verify State document or identification in digital form. That is when the Digital Fake IDs market increased and today, you will see several people want to purchase digital IDs of genuine people for a reasonable price.


It’s depend on the purpose for which you plan to use the fake ID. For instance, if you bought it to enter a festival, any state license will work as festivals attract visitors from different geographical locations. On the other hand, Bartenders and Bouncers can get suspicious of an out-of-state ID because they know this is a common practice for fake ID users.

  • Pick a nearby state: people will not be able to compare your ID to theirs, while you can easily explain having another state’s ID. You are going to college here, or visiting your friends.
  • Pick your state: relatively safe, but with one serious minus: people can compare your ID to their real ID. Use it, if you have a high-quality fake ID that has almost no difference from the real one.
  • Pick a large state with high population (New YorkTexasCalifornia). It works most of the time.

VT Fake ID (New Version)

fake id vermont.jpg


Least secure licenses
High passing rate
Teslin ID
UV light


Holograms look great. Can’t really talk about placement cause im not sure what the real holos look like.

UVs were done incorrectly.

Scans on BCS, havent had them scanned at a bar or anything else yet, but im sure its fine.


OR Fake ID

fake id oregon.jpg


Least secure licenses
Teslin ID
UV light


Got the hologram in the same spot as my real Florida ID

EXCELLENT UV. I even compared my id to my real one and cannot spot any difference within both of the ids being compared side by side. UV is placed correctly.

I scan it on all and it pops up real quick! No issues at all. I did several apps and all information was able to be pulled up.


ME Fake ID(New Version)



Least secure licenses
Teslin:Polycarb (New)
UV light


This CA ID looks so real it is truly incredible, compared to the u21 we have colors are the same

Holograms/OVI everything looks really good, we are very happy

Passes all the apps we tried and scans as real


GA Fake ID(New Version)



Least secure licenses
Teslin ID
UV Light


Very authentic and true to an actual ID.

Came up great under UV light, no issues.

Works perfectly when scanned (like when purchasing alcohol at the grocery store)


MS Fake ID(New Version)



Least secure licenses
UV Light


They are 1:1, even according to my friends who are bartenders. You cannot go wrong. The GA and ME IDs are very very close to being 1:1, they look almost exactly like the real IDs, you can even feel them. Overall, 9.5/10 for GA and ME, but overall you should be fine.

Came up great under light!

All info comes up on BCS apps and everywhere with large bulky scanners. No worry at all.


It is important for you to select the State before submitting your personal information. People commonly select the State where they are currently living. However, it only works if you’re buying from a premium ID maker. If the seller is providing you with non-scannable ID, it may not work.


Choosing the state for your first fake ID is not as easy as it looks.  But, here you can find some of the states where you can easily get a fake ID and you can select the best possible option considering various factors.  Here you can find the enlisted states with all possible reasons that include scanning and pricing. However, you should consider all possible reasons before buying a fake ID or driver’s license online.  It is also advisable to do more research before purchasing a fake ID online to avoid risks as it involves deception.

Thanks to online services, buying a fake ID has never been safer. There may be a lot of risks on both sides, but it’s a common practice, and most people have been able to pull it off successfully. If you plan to buy a United States ID, you should take the necessary caution. Always prepare yourself for consequences which may range from minor ones like a long lecture to more severe punishments like getting fined or even serving prison-time of up to 5 years. If you must take the risk, do it with a premium ID maker.

Notice: Everyone gets two packages. Please ignore the tracking number in the Paypal. When you receive the face mask. Or a mask, if the ID is not received. Please don't worry. Your ID is in the next package.thanks
If you have access to an empty package. Please don't worry. You will get a second package with your ID in it. thank you